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The Change of Heart Center
"Life's a YO-YO, but worth a spin"

Created and Drawn by Sauts
My gallery is my home and my studio. We are open by appointment only. Patrons, serious collectors and those with clear intentions to purchase are welcome seven days a week with a pre-arranged reservation. My studio time is precious. I cannot entertain all those who just want a museum outing.

It is a special joy to meet with those who express a portion of their love of art by purchasing art. Art is not something that I do. It is all that I am. My patrons are a very important lifeline. Come, experience Sautstine Art at my wickwum.

Poetica 1491
Painted by Sauts
The Change of Heart Center has the largest collection of Sautsine art. Click: artsalemedi to see my art for sale to help Thomas with his medical debt by selling from his collection of Sautstine Art.

You can view many of my paintings and drawings on another of their websites at:

Click on their "HeArt & Soul ArtWorks" hyper link and view the balance of these pages.